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Local Companies Economic and political conditions for businesses are subject to constant change, something that became clear long before the corporate tax reform that came into effect on 1 January 2008. It is therefore particularly important to the town of Bad Wörishofen to make every effort to promote and support local companies in their business endeavours. These companies are, after all, a huge financial factor for the town alongside tourism.

In order to ensure the satisfaction of local businesses, both now and in the future, the town administration aims to strengthen its contact to the individual companies. The Department of Business Development and Public Relations has therefore set up a website,, as a source of free information for its businesses. The website is continually updated to enable companies to communicate effectively with each other online. Companies wishing to set up in Bad Wörishofen are given the necessary documents for inclusion on the website as part of their business registration in the town's „Bürgerbüro” (citizens' office). Participation is, of course, voluntary.

Company Holz Kreuzer The cover letter and the details that the company can choose to include on the website can also be downloaded from In order to comply with data protection laws, all businesses wishing to publish their company details on the website should remember to send a declaration of consent with a legally binding signature to the town administration of Bad Wörishofen, Department of Business Development.

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